Here it is, our new song NOT THE END OF THE ROAD!!!!


Here's the recap of our show in Hamburg!!! 


Here's the recap of our first Festival Show in years! 


Check the latest Recap of our first Show of the year!!! 


Hereby we wanna let you know, that the new man behind the Drums in KD is: Sebastian Berg.

We will perform at Backstage Summer in 2021! 



First covid-19 friendly shows added for 2021 with our friends in Beyond the Black!
09 July - Köln
25 July - Hamburg
20 August - Nürnberg


After two weeks since Andi declared his parting of Kissin' Dynamite, we finally have something to say.

A lot of you were shocked about the future of the band. Some even thought the band would break up.

But now we are very pleased to tell you:
Kissin' Dynamite will continue!

We strongly believe that every change (even for the worse at first sight) opens up new ways and new possibilities!

And so the four of us are still enthusiastic to make music together and we totally look forward to start the next chapter with all of you!
Also we will play all planned shows (if COVID-19 lets us)! 🍀

So far we can not tell you who will play the drums, because we will need some time for this matter.



Hannes, Ande, Jim and Steffen