+++Your chance to be on the cover+++

Hereby we proudly present the final artwork of our brand-new 5th studio album named GENERATION GOODBYE On July 8th 2016, GENERATION GOODBYE, the maybe best KISSIN' DYNAMITE album, will be available in stores. The regular album will contain 11 new songs. Additionally, there will be a digi-pack including a bonus CD and – DVD featuring opulent bonus material. Furthermore, a strictly limited and exclusive fan-box-set is waiting for you, which will come in an elaborate aluminum box which will include also many more extras besides the digi-pack. Soon, you'll get first audio clips. Stay tuned!

​YOU have the opportunity to be part of the cover!!!
​Your facebook name could soon replace „xxxxxx poked you“. What you have to do for it? Share our facebook post publicly, comment it and you already participate. The big surprise waits for you on July 8th 2016!