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Pure, genuine and straightforward, „Ecstasy“ gets to the heart of the feeling that you experience, if you, just like the five swabians did, tour across Europe, Japan and Ukraine for several months, if you spent the nights on airports and backstages due to
a lack of alternatives and if you’re confronted with the real life as a rock musician, far from any shimmering LA dream. „ You don’t need to reinvent the wheel and you don’t urgently need to overload songs with any kind of messages“, says drummer Andreas Schnitzer, who is mainly responsible for the lyrics. „Good vibe-hooks that stick to your ear, that are great fun and that are made with much blood, sweat and tears.“ adds Hannes Braun, who composes the music of the band.

It may seem paradox to attest to the five musicians that they would go „back to the roots“, but in the case of KISSIN’ DYNAMITE it’s just like that. In the course of their career that they started in their youth and that led them halfway across the world again and again, they have seen and experienced more than quite a few aged guys. Despite several setbacks, their passion for the music never suffered, to the contrary, it grew on and on due to countless bizarre, funny, crazy and unbelievable storys. In a word: Storys that
influence the new album „Ecstasy“ in it’s original form.

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