Hey friends! The new Videoblog is online! Have fun! Many Greetings from Salzburg!  

Heyho!    Today we have some bad news for you. The show at Pegorock Festival got cancelled because of the heavy earthquake. For more information visit http://www.pegorock.com/

Hey friends! A new Videoblog is online!!! Have fun!

Hey Guys! Jim just did a funny list, showing you why he loves heavy metal. Check it out and have fun!   Noisecreep feature

Hey friends, we start a very special offer to celebrate our new online merch shop: 1 brandnew MONEY, SEX & POWER T-Shirt + 1 Patch for only15€ (shipping costs included for Germany!!!) This...

Money, Sex & Power - USA Release TODAY!!!! =) You can listen to the whole CD for free right here:http://music.aol.com/new-releases-full-cds/#/16

Hey Partypeople!!!    Our new Merchandise Shop is online!!! Check it out and have fun!!!

The Videblog of Balingen (31-03-2012) is now online!!! check it out!