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Money, Sex & Power

The experiences of recent years have shaped the band and increased their professionalism in every department and Money, Sex & Power is a big step up from their already great two previous releases. Get ready for a lethal dose of Money, Sex & Power !!!

You can order "Money, Sex & Power" here

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New Song?

Hey friends!
Do you wanna hear a new song? NO PROBLEM!

Just check out our second tour trailer for the MEGALOMANIA OVER EUROPE TOUR 2014!

Tour Trailer 2014

Watch our new tour trailer for the upcoming MEGALOMANIA OVER EUROPE Tour 2014!!!

We are reeeeally exited to hit the road again!


Megalomania over Europe

First Tourdates of the MEGALOMANIA OVER EUROPE Tour announced! 
Germany Tickets:
Austria Tickets:


More Shows to be announced soon! Stay tuned!

Furthermore Kissin' Dynamite is confirmed for BANG YOUR HEAD 2014!!! 
As you can see we got a lot of reasons to party this weekend!



tour flyer KORREKT SMALL


Album title

Finally we can announce the title of our new album comin' summer 2014!!! 
The title is:


Rockharz confirmed!

- New festival announcement -

We gonna play Rockharz Open Air Festival in the summer!

RHZ 2014 frei kl1

Happy New Year!!

2014 just started and AGAIN it´s time to say THANK YOU!

We are so thankful for this awesome year with all of you crazy people out there!

In 2013 we got further than ever before

We´ve been touring Japan, we played a lot of the biggest festivals in Europe and the most important thing is, that we realized we can´t fuckin get enough of all this! We´ve written a new album which comes out next summer and we hooooope that you guys will always stand by our side! We can´t wait to hit the streets and bring out this new record for you!

A big and explosive THANK YOU and ALL THE BEST IN 2014!

To start the new year with the right stuff, here's a new VLOG!!!